WOLFIN Bautechnik

WOLFIN Bautechnik

Waterproofing That Works

For the last 50 years, WOLFIN specializes in the production of synthetic flat roof and building waterproofing systems in Europe.

As a pioneer, in 1962 a bitumen resistant and diffusion capable synthetic roofing membrane was developed called WOLFIN. In 1993 a new standard was set with the cold self adhesive synthetic membrane WOLFIN GWSK.

Later the production of TECTOFIN, COSMOFIN and INOFIN membranes, high quality system parts, as well as adhesives from the company Henkel, completed the range of products offered, providing Wolfin’s customers with durable and sustainable solutions.

For many years Wolfin has helped its partners, which include carpenters, industrial users, architects and specialists with their services and finding the right intelligent system product solution. All of this takes place with the support of the ICOPAL-Group.

Roofing Membranes And Components For Flat Roofs

The WOLFIN Guide, a beloved manual prepared by specialists, has set new parameters in innovative and intelligent flat roof and waterproofing solutions for more than one generation.

Wolfin regularly works together with leading scientific institutes. For example, Wolfin together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Construction Physics in Stuttgart and Holzkirchen undertook long term field studies to confirm the withering behaviour of moist roofing layers.

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